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Paleo Superfood Protein Sugar Free Weight Loss Shake Online
Paleo Superfood Protein Sugar Free Weight Loss Shake

PALEO SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE BOOST - Superfood Meal Replacement Shake for Weight Loss

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Superfood Weight Loss Shake 

  • Natural, healthy weight loss
  • Convenient, no skipping meals

This nutrient dense blend of paleo protein and superfoods is the ultimate smoothie shake to keep you energised and your body fueled.

A specially formulated blend of egg white albumen, organic raw cacao, almond meal, mesquite and maca fills you up while helping you manage your caloric intake.  

What you will find:

Egg White Albumen

Egg white is a source of high quality fat free and low calorie complete protein. In a powdered form it delivers a germ safe, high dose of the dietary benefits from egg white that can become a convenient inclusion in your daily routine.

Almond Meal

Naturally cholesterol free, almond meal is created from ground almonds, and almonds have more nutrients per serve than any other tree nut. An excellent source of Vitamin B including folate, niacin and Vitamin E. Vitamin E supports your immune system. It’s a powerful antioxidant which protects cells against damaging free radicals.

Certified Organic Raw Cacao Powder

Never heated above 45 degrees Celsius, this raw cacao promotes the neurotransmitter phenylethylamine which has antidepressant effects. Cacao is full of antioxidants, good fats, iron and magnesium. It helps lower blood pressure and promotes hair, skin, nail and heart health. Cacao is known for its anandamide (the bliss-inducing chemical) and for supporting the neutralisation of cancer causing free radicals. Cacao aids in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and stabilising blood sugar levels.

Organic Stevia Powder

Stevia is tasty, natural, calorie-free sweetener, created from a green leafy plant native to South America. Taking stevioside (Stevia’s sweet compound) as a supplement can help lower blood pressure which can be useful for people with type 2 diabetes.

Organic Mesquite Powder

Native Americans ground mesquite tree pods into powder to use as flour or sweetener. Mesquite was known to them as the secret to good health, and it is now known as a superfood. High in protein, low in glycemic index, and rich in fibre, mesquite powder slows digestions and spikes blood pressure. It’s gluten-free and high in calcium, iron, lysine, manganese and zinc.

Organic Maca Powder

Also known as Peruvian Ginseng, this powder has been used to promote endurance, energy and hormonal balance for over 2,000 years in South America. Full of calcium, potassium and low on sodium, organic maca powder contains a blend of four maca plant varieties, concentrated for nutrition. Legend has it that Incan warriors would fuel up on maca before going into battle to increase their strength and stamina, so it’s perfect for a big workout!

What you won’t find:

No animal products, no soy, no sugar, artificial sweeteners or unnecessary additives here! Not many carbohydrates or bad fats either. No solvents, GMOs, radiation, artificial preservatives or artificial colours. 

How to Use me?

Mix 30g scoop with milk or water and simply shake it up and throw it down!

Smoothie solution:
Add a 30g scoop to your favourite smoothie and blend. Add some extra flavour with frozen bananas and berries!



Egg white albumen, almond meal, organic raw cacao powder, organic maca powder, organic mesquite powder, organic stevia powder.


Amino Profile

1kg 100g 30g


Leucine 60847 6084.7 1827.24
Isoleuine 32784 3278.4 984.50
Valine 47523 4752.3 1427.12

Essential Amino Acids

Histidine 18059.5 1805.95 542.33
Lysine 25799 2579.9 774.74
Methionine 23428 2342.8 703.54
Pheylalanine 42670.5 4267.05 1281.40
Threonine 26633.5 2663.35 799.80
Tryptophan 6666.5 666.65 200.20

Non-Essential Amino Acids

Arginine 64813 6481.3 1946.34
Alanine 42189 4218.9 1266.94
Asperagine 0 0 0
Aspartic Acid 65144 6514.4 1956.28
Cysteine 8659 865.9 260.03
Glutamine 0 0 0
Glutamic Acid 117233.75 11723.375 3520.52
Glutamate 0 0 0
Glycine 35058.5 3505.85 1052.81
Proline 37130.5 3713.05 1115.03
Serine 35041 3504.1 1052.28
Tyrosine 38172 3817.2 1146.31


 **' 'Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women: Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision’.

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