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Organic Sprouted Raw Pea Protein Powder Shake Natural Flavoured
Organic Sprouted Raw Pea Protein Powder Shake Natural Flavoured

SPROUTED PEA PROTEIN - Natural Flavoured Organic Pea Protein Powder

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Best Organic Pea Protein Powder in Australia - Natural Flavoured 

Organic pea protein powder is a high quality dietary plant based alkalising protein with a naturally sweet flavour and a light, fluffy texture. 

Pea protein is one of the most hypo-allergenic and digestible sources of protein available. It is naturally free of common allergens including soy, wheat, gluten, dairy and lactose, making it an excellent source of protein for vegans, vegetarians, people with allergies, athletes or anybody wanting to increase their protein intake. Pea protein is also rich in essential amino acids, which are often lacking in plant proteins.

Adding pea protein to smoothies, protein bars and balls is a quick and easy way to increase your protein intake.

What you won’t find:
No animal products, no soy, no sugar, artificial sweeteners or unnecessary additives here! Not many carbohydrates or bad fats either. No gluten, solvents, GMOs, radiation, artificial preservatives or artificial colours.

What you will find:

A great tasting plant-based protein with a silky smooth texture that blends easily without the chalky or grainy consistency found in other vegetable-based protein powders. Sprouted raw pea protein powder is high in aminos It’s one of the best protein powders available for any lifestyle, not just vegan or vegetarian.


Delicious directions:
Mix 30g scoop with milk or water and simply shake it up and throw it down!

Smoothie solution:
Add a 30g scoop to your favourite smoothie and blend. Add some extra flavour with frozen bananas and berries!


**' 'Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women: Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision’.

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