Our Story

With our busy lifestyle, we weren't always able to prepare protein rich foods and nutritious foods that our bodies needed to stay healthy. But we have always been passionate about finding healthy natural ways to fuel ourselves and others bodies. So we decided there was no better time to launch Paleolicious. Inspired by the Paleo-lifestyle,we wanted to create hand-blended protein powders made with superfoods, without fillers, soy or artificial sweeteners. Our ultimate goal is create enjoyable high protein foods which give people the nutrition they need without costing them their life savings.

We began experimenting with the best protein blends from our home in Sydney Australia. We sourced Fairtrade certified, organic raw ingredients, also sourced whey from grass-fed cows in New Zealand and Fairtrade cocao powder from Peru. We wanted to find delicious ingredients which were also ethically produced. It wasn’t just about a lack of pesticides, we took into consideration communities, economies and ecologies being effected by the products we sourced.

We knew it wouldn’t be easy to create a sustainable, nutritious and palatable protein powder for the planet, but were up for the challenge.

All products have been carefully tested and tasted, while taking into consideration the diverse range of diets and restrictions of individuals. From vegetarian to vegan diets to gluten-free they mixed different blends, all without added sugar. We have  created different varieties of the best protein powders and ran them each by a super taste tester.

Fast-forward to now, and our passion to fuel people in a healthy and delicious way has been a true success. Paleolicious’ all natural and organic protein powders are now in demand across Australia and being shipped internationally.


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