What is Paleo?

Eating “Paleo” is to eat as similarly as we can to our primal ancestors, to eat what our body was designed to eat.

For one million, nine hundred and ninety thousand, or so, years the human body has evolved to eat, process and efficiently use foods that were readily available to mankind. Wild animals, seasonal vegetables, fruits and nuts. Only in the last ten thousand years of our existence have we developed farming practices and eaten foods previously not available to us. Dairy, grains, starches and processed sugars. With the sudden existence of these foods came the sudden existence of illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, various cancers and many more. We now find ourselves living in a very sick society and looking for a way out.

Enter the Paleo diet. A diet that returns us to our natural state by feeding our bodies foods that we are designed to process and excluding those that we are not.

To eat Paleo is to eat: Grass fed, grass finished meats, poultry and fish. Seasonal veggies with a lot of variety. Fruits and nuts.

We do not eat: Grains, processed grains such as bread, rice and pasta, starch, excess carbohydrates, processed sugars and dairy.